Alien Megastructure: Astronomers have found another one !

One year ago KIC 8462852 (also known as Tabby’s Star) perplexed scientists when they saw its light dip by as much as 20 percent. Now, astronomers have just found a second star displaying irregular dimming of up to 65 percent. Is this an Alien Megastructure / Dyson Sphere?

Respected astronomers theorized that an advanced alien race had constructed a megastructure (or a Dyson Sphere) around the star dubbed KIC 8462852 located in the Cygnus constellation, about 1,480 light years from Earth.

A Dyson Sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that encompasses a star which would allow a highly advanced civilization –Type II according to the Kardashev Scale— to take advantage of the energy of their sun.

Ever since the discovery, scientists around the globe are trying to debunk as best as they can the Alien megastructure theory. A family of comets was one of the theories but soon it was discarded since something like 648,000 giant comets would have to be circling that star to dim it.

And now a new irregular dimming star was found

Researchers indicate that in a period of over 78.8 days of observations, EPIC 204278916 displayed irregular dimming of up to 65 percent for around 25 consecutive days. A planet should cause a dimming of 1%… so what is causing this?

As you may imagine many astronomers don’t want to talk about Alien Civilizations and theorize about cometary-like debris and such.

The Mythology of the Cygnus Costelation

As usual one can find some strange stories or myths about the subject. Ancient Greeks believe that the Cygnus Costelation has such name because of Zeus:

Two gods who were racing chariots in space. The two friends were so intent and focused on the race that they were not paying attention to where they were going. Suddenly, they found themselves too close to the sun, and their chariots started to melt. The two friends fell toward the Earth. One fell through some trees, which broke his fall. The other landed in a river and was knocked unconscious. The first friend wanted to rescue the other from the river but did not know how to swim. He asked Zeus to turn him into a swan, so that he could dive to the bottom of the river and save his friend. Moved by the young man’s friendship, Zeus turned him into a swan. He dove to the bottom of the river and saved his friend’s life. Zeus was again moved by his bravery, so when the swan died, Zeus placed him in the sky to serve as a reminder of courage and friendship.

Source: ancientufo
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