Evidence of an Ancient Civilizations on Mars? New image shows ‘Statue’ on Mars

According to a recently uploaded image to social networks, this image from Mars shows what appears to be a statue on the surface of the red planet. Many even claim that we can identify facial features like eyes, a nose, mouth, and chin, while others claim it’s just pareidolia (as usual).

The red planet has been the center of attention for the last half-a-decade giving us a lot to talk about.

We have found so many interesting things about Mars that we had to change our perspective and views about the red planet.

Mars went from a dead, barren world to the most similar planet to Earth in our solar system in just a couple of years.

Now we have numerous rovers exploring the surface of Mars, and a few satellites monitoring the planet from above.

Thanks to our very own alien equipment on the red planet, we have learned that Mars once had massive oceans lakes and rivers and there still is liquid water on its surface today.

Scientists now know that Mars once had a thick atmosphere eerily similar to Earth, and most likely met the scary conditions to support life as we know it.

All of this has raised numerous questions about the red planet. One of them is related to Aliens.

If we know that Mars had everything a planet needed in the past to support life… isn’t it possible that life flourished millions of years ago on Mars?

And if life did flourish on the red planet, was it microbial in nature? Or is there a possibility that life on Mars developed into complex lifeforms?

What if millions of years ago in the past, when Mars had a complex atmosphere and liquid water, life developed into complex lifeforms.

What if millions of years ago a ‘Maritan civilization’ developed on the surface of our neighboring planet, and just like ancient civilizations on Earth, they too build massive structures and buildings.

Now, in the 21st century on Earth, we see Mars as a planet incapable of supporting life, but it may have been completely different millions of years ago when life on Earth was just starting to develop.

This theory is shared by many researchers, among them Dr. Brandenburg.

According to Dr. Brandenburg, there is enough evidence to prove that at least two major nuclear blasts went off on the surface of the red planet in the distant past. The theory proposed by Dr. Brandenburg is based on the traces of uranium and thorium that have been registered on the surface of Mars. This Martian civilization was wiped out by another hostile alien race from elsewhere in the universe. Dr. Brandenburg warns that our civilization could face the same faith.

Anomalous objects on Mars; Pareidolia or the ultimate evidence?

So what are the countless of unusual objects spotted on Mars by UFO hunters and Ufologists around the globe?

Are these objects ordinary Martian rocks that have been misinterpreted as evidence of ancient life on Mars? Is it just pareidolia kicking in? Or is there a chance that some of them may actually be proof of ancient alien civilizations that once called Mars their home planet?

One fascinating ‘discovery’ was recently made by Martine Grainey ‎and shared on Facebook’s group Martian Genesis.

According to Martine –who has made some very exciting discoveries in the past— this isn’t an ordinary rock.

According to many who have seen the image, the ‘rock’ on Mars eerily resembles a statue and even displays some prominent facial features like eyes, chin, nose, and even a mouth.

While skeptics disagree and indicate ‘it’s just Pareidolia people’, there are many who disagree and believe this is yet another finding which supports the idea that millions of years ago, intelligent civilizations developed on the surface of Mars.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe this could really be some sort of Martian statue? Or is it Pareidolia kicking in? Let us know what you think.

Check out the raw image here:

Source: ancient-code
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