In 10 Years, Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers A Panoramic View Of The Sky

Tired of fighting for the window seat every time you travel by plane? Well then when you read about and see the latest idea for plane travel you may wonder–what took so long?! A British Technology research firm known as The Center for Process Innovation says they are creating the key to future airplane travel: windowless planes.

The Center for Process Innovation is actually working to remove the good-old window seat everyone fights to sit by during any long flight. In exchange they would like to deck planes out in OLED-touch-screens that would extend the entire length of the plane. Giving everyone a virtual window seat, including those trapped on the crowded isles.

Check out this futuristic idea, you never know this could be the way of travel in the next 10 to 15 years!

The OLED screens will be attached to cameras all over the outside of the plane, and as a result will display to travelers the outside view via technology. Tired of looking at the bright blue sky? These screens can be turned to tune into entertainment programs and stewardess services as well.

So what is an OLED-touch screen? OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, which really means that a film made of organic compound projects light as a response to an electric current. It sounds fancy, but OLED technology is used in television screens, mobile phones, and desktop monitors. In fact, by the time these airplanes are ready for actual use there will likely be a more advanced screen available for use.

With OLED screens making up the walls of the plane, passengers could look out at the world around them without having to score an ideal ‘window’ seat. Even though the projections are said to reflect the real world outside, this new technology could really get the conspiracy theorists going.

With a few clicks passengers could upload information about their current flight, including, “how long till we get there?!” After all, not just kids want to ask this question over and over on long journeys. Hungry or thirsty? You could also use the touchscreen feature to contact the stewardess service and order what you need.

Instead of staring at your device all day you could upload your content onto the surrounding walls as well, in order to browse the Internet, or maybe even get some work done. But what happens if your plane neighbor doesn’t want to view the same content as you? Not to mention, can you imagine the neck ache you would get from turning your head to the side instead of looking straight down at your phone or (gasp) a hardcover book?

According to CPI, besides the obvious awesomeness of their windowless plane demo, there are other advantages as well. Such as, by taking away passenger windows planes could be tinned, lighter, and stronger–making them overall safer.

One day you just might find yourself explaining to your future children or grandchildren what plane travel used to be like–with real windows and crossword puzzles on paper!

The cool idea isn’t without its drawbacks, for one the light pollution associated with this idea might cause some flight passengers to be more than slightly annoyed. If you are claustrophobic this idea might be help, until you realize you are more trapped than ever before without any window access. And if flying in general freaks you out due to a fear of heights we doubt this is going to help much–especially if they decide to install the screens on the floor of the plane, can you imagine?!

Check out this video to learn more abut the possible future in travel technology.

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