Lawsuit Finds Millions Of Uncounted Bernie Sanders Ballots

In view of the information from polling place workers about Sanders winning by more than a 2 to 1 margin and in view of the removal of 2/3 or more of his votes from the official results, Your News Wire declares Bernie Sanders the landslide winner of the 2016 California Primary Election.

An historic lawsuit has been filed after the widespread cover-up of Sanders’ landslide victory at the primary election earlier this week.

The lawsuit will require the counting of all the provisional ballots, millions of which have been left uncounted, which Sanders says gives him a huge win in the state.

Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders supporters lost their ballots, their democratic rights, by the millions on Tuesday. Now proof is starting to emerge.

The California primary wasn’t an election, it was a coup featuring shady and downright illegal tactics usually associated with dictatorships in undemocratic states – media collusion, voter suppression, fraud, and a system fundamentally rigged in favor of the establishment choice.

Mainstream media fix

Another red flag for undemocratic practice was the odd treatment of the press. While Correct the Record and reporters/hackers from other organizations and media groups promoting Clinton were treated like royalty, members of the press who had gone on record supporting Sanders were often treated with contempt by certain members of the team running logistics at the rallie

Correct the Record (the PAC paying a million dollars to hackers who put child pornography on Sanders facebook pages and then got them closed down) was given the best filming location in San Pedro after that same prime filming location had been denied to news teams favorable to Sanders.

On election night, several reporters favorable to Sanders commented on how rudely they were being treated. Reginald Hubbard and Jesse Cornett who reportedly threatened some of the mild-mannered, more loyal press with loss of equipment, removal or confiscation of their press credentials (which they had brought with them) and removal of the actual reporters from the event in response to polite questions about the sound arrangements.

Most of the pro-Sanders reporters were placed on a riser near distorted speakers and denied access to the event’s sound boxes they had been promised and which were provided for other media.

One reporter, a very sweet woman, who had been traveling on a bus following the candidate, seemed to disappear from the event after she reported that she had been rudely treated by these same staff people prior to the speech.

The fix was in before the primary. An instructional video for poll workers told them to give provisional ballots to NPP voters, official conduct that would have been illegal in California. AP joined in the effort to try to fix the election by calling the nomination for Clinton the night before the election when AP knew or should have known that Clinton did not have enough pledged delegates and would not have enough on June 7th to be the nominee. This appears to have been part of the overall attempt to suppress the vote. As Sanders has repeatedly pointed out:

“If there is a large turnout we will win. If there is a very large turnout we will win huge. If there is a low turnout, we will lose.”

In spite of AP’s false call, the actual turnout was very large and, but for the suppression, the evidence supports the theory that Sanders would have won by a very wide margin.

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