Mom text dead son to cope with grief, receives reply from stranger who has deceased son’s number

21-year-old Taylor Thyfault, an Army veteran, was in the final stage of his police cadet training when the unthinkable happened. While apprehending a suspect on a high-speed chase, Taylor and another officer were struck. The partner was immediately transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Taylor died upon impact.

Carole Adler, his mother, was devastated by the lost of her son. She and Taylor were incredibly close; the two talked and texted each other every single day. After his death, Carole would text her deceased son’s phone as a way to cope with his death. To her, it seemed like she was still communicating with her beloved son, even though she knew she wouldn’t receive an answer.

These messages started out being short and simple messages. “I love you.” “I miss you lots.” But one day, Carole missed her son so much that she sent one long, heartfelt message to him. Just when she thought the message wouldn’t reach anyone, it did.

On the other end, Sgt. Kelly Husley of the Greeley Police Department had gotten a new phone with a new number, which coincidentally was Taylor’s old number. He thought he was getting these heartbreaking messages by mistake.

He responded, “I don’t think your texts are going where you think they are.”

Carole was absolutely stunned when she received a response, but what transpired after this event can only be described as touching.

Now, Carole and Sgt. Husley message each other every now and then, and Sgt. Husley believes that Taylor is watching over him like a guardian angel.

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