Mysterious ancient ‘anomalies’ spotted inside Great Pyramid of Giza

A high-tech imaging project has discovered some groundbreaking anomalies in the ancient Pyramids of Egypt.

ScanPyramids, the company responsible for the study, discovered hidden cavities within the pyramids by analysing their shape with futuristic technology.

Combining infrared thermography with 3D reconstruction and radiography imaging, ScanPyramids was able to find the previously undiscovered chambers, but have not yet given full details on what is housed inside.

According to a statement published by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, one of the anomalies was found in the gateway to the pyramid’s mausoleum (the area where tombs are kept).

The mausoleum is an area that is often filled with Egyptian treasures and secrets.

The announcement came shortly before ScanPyramid’s first anniversary after it was set up as a way to study the interior of Egyptian pyramids via non-invasive methods.

They specialise in using non-invasive ways of exploring

ScanPyramid’s Hany Helal stated that the project will carry out more research in order to identify the nature of the anomalies.

It is believed the anomalies will show areas of the pyramids that are filled with ancient secrets, due to the fact that many areas of the pyramids have not yet been explored.

One of the anomalies was in the area that holds the ancient tombs

The Former Minister of Antiquities in Egypt, Zahi Hawass, has commented saying that “in principle” the project’s contract has been extended for another year.

Meaning we could be one step closer to finally discovering what is hidden inside one of the world’s most mysterious archaeological structures.


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