Follow These 20 Universal Laws And Clear Your Karma

1. The Law of Karma – its purpose is to achieve harmony and balance. We create Karma with our intentions, thoughts, emotions, words and actions. In order to live in harmony we should resolve our Karma and discover where its focus lies.

2. The Law of Wisdom – being wise means to take advantage of the pain and get to know yourself. Wisdom is being aware of what we can and must change, and what we can’t.

3. The Law of Progress – wisdom is achieved through spiritual development. We have to rise above our emotions and ego, and follow the path of the Soul.

4. Law of Vibrational Attainment – we’re all made of energy, which is in constant motion. We are a spirit that lives in a body and it never dies. Nothing in the universe is permanent, everything changes.

5. The Law of One – we are all parts of a larger whole.

6. The Law of Love – love is the answer to everything.It has to be unconditional. It heals us and everybody else.

7. The Law of Abundance – the Universe makes sure everyone gets what they need.

8. The Law of Gratitude – it helps the process of creating a healthy Habit to be grateful for everything we have.

9. The Law of Harmony – we need to appreciate the essential harmony with the universe to live by the universal laws it means not to kill not to lie not to hate not to steal.

10. The Law of Observation – our reality is defined by the way we think. Thoughts become actions and actions shape our character.

11. The law of Conscious Detachment – we spend only a certain amount of time on Earth, and we shouldn’t get too attached to people and objects. Having too tight of a bond results in unbalanced energy. Being completely connected to God creates balance.

12. The Law of Behavior – we should be able to control our actions, which practically means to control our behavior.

13. The Law of Acceptance – acceptance brings harmony, while resistance comes from fear. People usually become what they resist.

14. The Law of Duality – there are two forces ruling the universe -yin and yang -the male and female energy. There has to be balance and harmony.

15. The Law of Trinity – Body, Mind and Spirit. Ego rules the body, intelligence rules the mind and soul rules the spirit. They need to function in harmony.

16. The Law of Attraction – we attract what we are. Good attracts good. Love attracts love.

17. The Law of the Divine – when we become aware of the Divine within us, we start to manifest it.

18. The Law of the Cycle – our lives are composed of different Cycles. Cycles usually cast from 9 to 12 years in our life is consisted of 4 or 5 major Cycles.

19. The Law of Destiny – destiny is the sum of experiences and lessons we had to go through in life. We all have our destiny and we should fulfill it.

20. The Law of Dharma – the higher purpose of all things should be in sync with the universal law, that is, the Creator. The harmony of Dharma affects our Karma.

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