The Rise of Mandatory Vaccinations Means the End of Medical Freedom

The culture surrounding mandatory vaccines in the U.S. is at scarily high levels. Never before has there been such restrictions on the un-vaccinated, and the implications this has on future health laws must not be underestimated.

We have seen instances where vaccinations have been forced on the unsuspecting, usually in the third world where the implication is that it is for the 'greater good'. But more we are seeing restrictions imposed on those who chose not to vaccinated, to a point where they are treated as second class citizens.

In California a law has been passed which states that children and adults must have certain immunizations before being accepted into certain schools and workplaces. Previous religious or moral exemptions have been have been deemed unworthy by the government.

The Senate Bill 277 came into effect on July 1st, 2016, which made it mandatory for students to have 40 doses to meet the 10 federally recommended vaccines, and more can be added at any time. If you chose not to vaccinate your child, they can be barred from school, play centres and day care facilities.

California have been known to be enforcers of vaccines in the past.

Assembly Bill 499 was passed in 2011 and lowered the age of consent for STD prevention vaccines to just 12 years old. The Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 is attempting to bring in these laws at a nationwide level. There is usually a room fore debate surrounding vaccines, but since the Ebola and Zika scares, there is an atmosphere of fear among parents.

There is frustrating arguments for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, they are seen as 'unscientific' or that they are being cruel towards their children. It seems that if you don't want to follow the CDC’s recommended 69 doses of 16 vaccines between birth and age 18, you are putting your child at grave risk.

There has been some form of backlash, with well known figures like Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton being outed as being part of shady vaccine deals, questions are beginning to be asked about the relationship between the government and big pharmaceutical companies.

A physician who seems to be on the side of reason is Bob Sears, who excused a two-year-old from future vaccinations after the mother expressed concern that her daughter had a bad reaction to a previous vaccine, describing the child as becoming limp “like a ragdoll” for 24 hours after the last dose. Dr. Sears’ recommendation for alternative treatments has violated S.B. 277, and he is now at risk of surrendering his reputation, and his job.

The Nuremberg Code’s first principle is voluntary consent, but as we see more and more that the vaccines are being changed from “recommended” to “required”, the risk of our civil liberties appear to be slowly ebbing away.

Without the fundamental power to decide what we choose to put into our bodies (or not) what real control have we been left with?

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