Woman Starts Hearing Strange Sounds Underneath The Deck, Moments Later It’s Terrifying.

Many people are quick to dismiss raccoons as pesky animals who are a nuisance to have around. They scavenge through composts and dumpsters in search of food scraps tossed out in the trash and often end up leaving a mess behind in their wake. While they may be slovenly, they are also very intelligent animals who have managed to adapt to their human influenced surroundings where many other species have failed.

In fact, their intelligence is what most people fail to take into account and the majority of us don’t understand just how smart raccoons really are. According to ranker.com they are listed as the tenth smartest on the mammal IQ scale. A major part of why they’re so clever has to do with their hands. Their two front paws are incredibly dexterous and they also have thumbs which enable them to use tools and climb stuff much easier.

The main thing that they use their little hands for is grasping stuff, like food. This video shows just how nimble and strangely human-like raccoon paws truly are. It’s kind of freaky but equally as interesting to see the behavior on display here.

The clip starts off with a woman crouched down atop a wooden deck. As she reaches into a baggy and begins to distribute pet food across the boards, the strangest thing suddenly happens. Tiny little raccoon hands begin to pop up randomly in the cracks between the deck boards as they race to grab the tasty morsels of food. Their alien looking paws frantically search and feel around for a bite to eat as the woman continues putting out food.

While this may look like a scene straight out of a horror movie to some people, it’s actually quite fascinating and oddly adorable to watch. Check it out because you likely won’t ever see this anywhere else again!

Source: Gimme Paws by ViralHog on Rumble

Source: sun-gazing.com
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