Has this ever happened to you? You’re zipping around, living your life and for some reason your eyes happen to look at the clock at 11:11, 1:11, 4:44 or some other similar sequence to this? For most of us this may go on for days, weeks, and maybe even months until we begin to wonder why we keep seeing these same numbers. Others may not see repetitive or consecutive numbers but will see the same number, or the same word over and over and over until it just seems silly that it’s happening.

The guides explained this phenomenon about two years ago when my dad and I started doing weekly channeling sessions for the book we published called “Answers – Heaven Speaks”. I asked them why so many people see things like this and explained that I had heard TONS of theories but wanted to hear from them if any of those ideas were real or just superstition. I thought their answer was pretty cool!

Channeled from my guides:

“You are a body, you are a mind, and you are a spirit. Many living on the earth plane have forgotten or have never known just how much control the human spirit has over it’s human vessel. While on the earth plane we tend to experience only the physical using the five senses but there is so much more going on around us than we think. At any moment a loved one in spirit or a guide could be standing right next to us speaking to the spirit that we are. Although the human has no idea, the spirit will process this information so that later the subconscious mind will kick the information over into the conscious mind. We as physical beings will believe it was us who came up with a brilliant idea when really it was grandma, the higher self, a guide, or very possibly an angel who delivered this idea into the mind. When we get very stuck in physicality making it impossible for the spirit to communicate with the conscious mind, our spirit will begin to do things such as prompting us to look at the clock at the same time every day until we reach a point to where our ego mind says “This is impossible! How is this happening?! I don’t know the answer to this question!” Once the ego and intellectual mind come to this point of admitting it does not know everything, this is when the spirit can really be heard!”

So, basically, when this happens, it is“the other side’s” way of getting that racing mind of ours to turn off just long enough to deliver a much-needed message into our mind. We may not get the message loud and clear at that moment but it will appear through dreams, or in time of silence like when we are driving, or sometimes chatting with a friend will bring the information to the surface as well. Regardless of how it comes through it is information that can help us on our earthly journey and I think that is so awesome!!

Next time you see a “magic” number, the guides and I invite you to stop for just one moment, allow your spirit to send the message, and then communicate a message back to them, even if it’s just a “Thank you for watching over me”. You will see the changes in your life begin or at the very least life will seem just a little more magical!

By: Marisa Moris


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