Retired Area 51 Worker Reveals UFO Secrets After Drunk Night In Vegas

In 1994 the book The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert caused an uproar in the Egyptological world like no single book before. No wonder, it states on its cover “After more than 4000 years the secrets of the pyramids had been solved” (German paperback edition). The thesis, which purports to have done this, is now called the Orion Correlation Theory or, in short, the OCT.

Although published by two authors the thesis is essentially the work of Robert Bauval. He claims to have found the answer to a questions which has been hotly debated for decades: Is pyramid placement coincidental? Or is there a wider plan? For many decades this has been discussed…


If you look at the Sumerian, the Egyptian, the stories of the Maya, if you look at all these cultures, what you’ll see is the same story told in different ways in different languages. Those who came from the stars came here, and they started human civilization. And what is incredible is that all of these stories, legends and tales have to do directly with the constellation of Orion, and having said that, it cannot be a coincidence.

What we need to do is focus our research into Orion, we need to try and understand why the ancient civilizations that ruled the world, thousands of years ago, gave so much importance to this constellation that they decided to build monuments, and cities depicting the stars on the ground. We need to study the history and look for further evidence now that we have the technology that will allow us to obtain answers to hundreds if not thousand’s of questions that the human race has in regards to the origin and the purpose of life altogether.

After getting crazy drunk, one Area 51 worker revealed some insane secrets about extraterrestrial life.

A YouTuber who goes by black biggot uploaded a video explaining the conversation he had with his neighbor, who knows all about UFOs.

It’s almost at 2 million views, and has received a lot of speculation. What do you think?

Sources used:, Ancient-Code, Doernenburg via
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