6 Things That Will Happen If You Quit Entering Caffeine In Your Organism

Caffeine is the most consumed stimulant. It has its merits such as better memory and greater vigilance, but on the other hand we hear some people say that giving up caffeine changed their life for the better.

We will now present 6 side effects you will certainly experience in case you decide to quit consuming caffeine.

1. You will feel bad (for some time)

Prepare yourself because you will feel bad for the first 7 to 10 days as a result of reduction of caffeine from the body that has become accustomed to it. You may experience fatigue, headache and sudden mood swings. Therefore, it would be better to tell your close friends that you have given up caffeine in order for them to have more understanding about your mood swings.

2. You will lose weight

We do not realize how many calories we consume by drinking a beverage that contains caffeine. It is not the caffeine but in the sugar added to drinks containing the stimulant, such as soft drinks, some types of coffee and others.

3. Or you will gain some weight

Caffeine temporarily suppresses appetite, and therefore it is possible to feel great hunger when you stop consuming it. So the best choice is usually to drink black coffee without sugar because that ingredient is not fattening.

4. You will sleep better and have more energy

Your dream can be disrupted due to caffeine you have entered in the body 6 hours before going to bed. You will wake up tired and you will need even more caffeine thus the vicious circle continues. This is why people who do not enter caffeine have a deep and healthy sleep. It is very likely to feel tired while your body gets used to function without caffeine, but after a while you will have more energy than when you used to consume caffeine.

5. You will be calmer

Caffeine is a stimulant which stimulates the nervous composition and relaxation of adrenaline that makes us nervous and exposed to greater stress. It also raises blood pressure.

6. The process of digestion will improve

It is known that caffeine in coffee stimulates digestion, but because of its high acidity coffee can often cause diarrhea. Eliminating caffeine will do much to prevent the urgent needs for WC.

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