Avocado Contains Substance That Destroys Cancer Cell

The latest research, published in the journal Cancer Research, shows that avocados attacks cancer cells directly, leaving healthy cells untouched.

These findings confirm what “alternative” health workers claimed for years about super foods and cancer. Namely food with an unusual high nutritional value may have health benefits that can help combat the disease.

AML is an aggressive form of cancer that kills 90% of people older than 65 years. Drugs that act on stem cells are the most effective when it comes to treating the disease.

Professor Paul Spagnuolo who is a researcher from the University Waterloo says “stem cells are cells that really accelerate the disease.” He also says “stem cells are largely responsible for developing the disease and that is the reason why there are many patients with relapsed leukemia.

This drug is not yet approved for use on the market but it already is preparing for the phase of clinical trial.

Source: healthyfoodstar
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