Know Your Chakra Energy System

by Sarah Delamere Hurding

Get to Know Your Chakra Energy System

As you are getting to know the chakras and your energy system better, it is useful to become more aware of the colors you are wearing and the foods you are eating from day to day. For example, what sort of experience do you have when you are wearing pink as opposed to red? When your energy is low, are you reaching for red foods? You should be!

Experiment a bit, and you will soon see that turquoise assists your creativity while emerald green supports your heart and need for personal space. Pink is comforting and is the best color for expressions of unconditional love and repelling negativity. Blue will offer you serenity and peaceful while red will fire up the passions in more ways than one.

The language of color is nothing new. However, as you begin to work with color with the chakras specifically in mind, you will be able to take things to a different level. This is a healing approach to life, which can in fact, be very potent.

For example, if there are power struggles and personal agendas flying around your work environment, wear blue for an air of natural authority, which is not overbearing. You won’t melt into the background or be overlooked nor will you be offensive to those who need to run the show.

Blue will enable to speak your truth about things without compromising your integrity or threatening anyone else. As you start to get a feel for color as a healing tool, you will soon appreciate the powerful, magical effect it can have on even the most unlikely situation.

If you wish to take this subject further, subjects like Aura Soma or Reiki training will greatly assist your quest. Do check the internet for information on these subjects, and perhaps find a course that will develop your skills and understanding of your own personal energy system.

More on Your Chakra Energy System

Root Chakra Energy

Purpose: Links us to the physical world. The Root chakra is the foundation for personality and defines the structure of our being.

In harmony, a vibrant Root chakra energy manifests in a huge connection to nature, a trust in natural law and an innate understanding of life’s patterns. Off balance, this chakra displays an inability to trust life. Material possessions become an obsession and way too important in a person’s priorities. This can display as a powerful urge to fully satisfy selfish desires and wishes.

Sacral Chakra Energy

Purpose: Regulates our relationships with family, friends and lovers. The Sacral chakra energy holds our emotions and is the powerhouse of our sexuality.

In harmony, this chakra displays good consideration of others. The person with a healthy sacral energy is well-developed, friendly, kind, emotionally open and well connected to life’s joy. Off balance, this chakra can make a person unsure and uneasy about all things sexual. Feelings may be blocked and not easily expressed. Natural needs are possibly denied and suppressed.

Solar Plexus Chakra Energy

Purpose: Assimilates our desires, wishes, natural authority and spiritual inclinations. The Solar Plexus is where spiritual meets physical.

In harmony, this chakra energy brings a wonderful feeling of peace, calm, self-containment and wholeness. A person with a healthy solar plexus energy is fulfilled and personally assured as well as spiritually and materially well-balanced. Off balance, this chakra leads to all sorts of offenses. A person can be dominant, overbearing and displaying little trust in the natural flow. They may be uneasy and paranoid and possibly delusional as well as needy both spiritually and materially.

Heart Chakra Energy

Purpose: The Heart chakra energy integrates our creativity and emotions. Aesthetic impulses are formed into meaningful expression within this chakra. Negative feelings are neutralized and forgiveness is possible.

In harmony, the open Heart chakra brings a feeling of wholeness, tolerance and acceptance to a person’s life. It allows for balance both spiritually and materially. Everything can be all kinds of wrong, but when the heart is open, a way through is generally found. Off balance, this chakra makes a person insincere, edgy and full of second guessing. They can have unrealistic expectations of people and be very conditional in the expression of their feelings. These types are not good at either giving or receiving and generally are very exhausting to be around.

Throat Chakra Energy

Purpose: The Throat chakra transforms feelings into vocal expression. Laughter, tears and anger all have their outlet here. This chakra links to sound physically and metaphysically.

In harmony, this chakra energy allows a person to be well-balanced, confident and self-expressive. Such a person is not afraid to show their feelings pragmatically and honestly. A healthy Throat chakra allows for listening to the inner voice. A person bathed in this energy follows their intuition and speaks their personal truth wisely and openly. Off balance, this chakra is scary and the person is scared. This energy fears being judged and does not find it easy to express feelings. Generally, such people are repressed and inclined to talk a lot about nothing. There is an over-riding need to fill the fear of silence with any kind of noise.

Third Eye Chakra Energy

Purpose: The Third Eye chakra energy helps us accept and recognize our essence or being. It links us up to creation and enhances our sense of connection with all things. Spiritual knowing is filtered through this chakra.

In harmony, this chakra’s witness is someone spiritually in tune and aware. Someone with an open third eye is profoundly intuitive and vibrantly connected to the universe. They exude a feeling of oneness and completeness. They are conscious and aware in their daily lives and do not miss layers of meaning and levels of significance. Off balance, this chakra distrusts intuition, and rejects the spiritual aspects of life. This is a very pragmatic energy – one which only accepts the obvious, the provable and the rational. It is the domain of skeptics and such a person displays no tolerance for esoteric, spiritual subjects and no understanding of them either!

Crown Chakra Energy

Purpose: The Crown chakra connects us to the universe. The Divine aspect of our nature descends from the heavens above into our physical bodies through this chakra.

In harmony, this chakra energy lives with the consciousness and knowledge of the unity of all things. This energy is fully evolved and has abandoned the personal ego in favor of the universal ego. This chakra walks its talk and listens to the Divine plan and God’s will. For this spiritual soul, the divine will is tantamount. This person is anxious to follow the path of the best good for the greatest number, which is the highest good for all. This self fully reflects the Divine. Off balance, this chakra stirs up fear and anxiousness. There is no trust displayed in Divine order nor the supremacy of God’s Will. Such a soul may well be depressed, unsatisfied with life and unable to elevate their soul beyond the level of cynicism. Cosmic ordering and Divine abundance are a complete mystery to this energy.

About the Author
Sarah Delamere Hurding is Ireland’s famous Mystic, Seer, Healer, Life Coach, Writer, Media Personality and Consciousness Facilitator. Ashton Kutcher identified her on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as his psychic. Simon Cowell was stunned into silence when she predicted the full line up of his Irish Popstars. Louis Walsh, perhaps dangerously, called her “the woman who knows everything.”
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