Trouble Sleeping? Here’s How I Learned To Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute Every Night

The percentage of people having trouble sleeping or not sleeping at all increases as the time goes by. Insomnia can be caused by factors like stress, too much caffeine, problems, late exercising… How many times has it happened to you to go to bed and fall asleep a few hours later? That is not a pleasing feeling for sure!

Have you heard of the “4 – 7 – 8” trick? A man had trouble sleeping and he learned how to fall asleep in under 1 minute every night!

How to fall asleep in under 1 minute every night?

The “4 – 7 – 8” trick was developed by Dr. Andrew Weil who is a wellness practitioner and has studied on Harvard. He studies meditation, breathing and how it can be used to deal with stress. The “4 – 7 – 8” trick is really easy to do actually. You breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. This slows down your heart rate; it releases you from stress and makes you feel more relaxed.

This is not only good for relaxing you, and making you fall asleep in under one minute, but it is also good when you’re stressed. When you’re stressed the endocrine system releases adrenaline through our adrenal glands which elevate your heart rate and make you feel jittery and feeling bad. During such situations your breathing becomes rapid and shallow.

When you start using this method you lower the negative effects that adrenaline has on your body. By doing the “4 – 7 – 8” trick you slow down your heart rate and help your organism to calm down from the stress. When you begin doing this method you might feel a little tad uncomfortable.

As you continue with it, you will get more, and more experienced and you will be able to really feel the beautiful effects that this method has. Once you learn how to properly do it, it’s like spending time on your favorite place. It is so relaxing.

Give it a try, you can’t lose anything. On the contrary, you can have healthier life because of the quality dream you get during the nights.

Source: yourfoodcorner
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