Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair Forever With This Natural Hair Remover!

Every woman has little hair on their upper lip and face, apart from the eyebrows. Moreover, there are cases where women have noticeable hair growth of the face, mostly after the menopause. The excessive hairiness, mostly facially, is an indication of hormonal variations.

Nowadays, women do everything to remove hair – tweeze, shave or depilate it, as significant social stigma is related with the facial hair on women, and many circuses and freak shows have historically presented bearded women. Most of the Western women choose to completely remove their facial hair by using different methods.

However, excess facial hair is very common and approximately, 1 in every 3 women experiences it especially on the upper lip, jawline, sides of the face and the chin.

The good news is there are various methods of facial hair removals. But, there are not many effective solutions and the ones that are very effective are either expensive, either very painful with different skin consequences, which can even lead to some serious disease.

Here, we offer you a natural upper lip hair removal remedy that is very effective, and everybody can make it. After trying this, you will forget about all those expensive hair removal treatments.

  • besan,
  • yogurt,
  • turmeric and
  • a little bowl


- Blend these 3 ingredients the small bowl until it they turn into a paste

- Put it on your upper lip (or any additional facial area you want to get rid of the hair) and then once dried rub the blend with our fingers on the conflicting way of the hair growth.


Please note the yellow color of turmeric, which will give a nice tone to the face, but after the treatment it is necessary to carefully wash it off.

The treated area may be slightly red, but will subside rapidly due to anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric powerful.

This treatment should be repeated 3-4 times a week for a month, and the result is phenomenal – the hairs to a maximum of less thick, thinning and lighter in and eventually disappear permanently.

Source: sportonlinegroup
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