Keeping Your Phone In Your Pocket? Stop It now – The Consequences Could Be Deadly

These days, smartphones are used widely and we all have one in our pockets. But are you aware that they are not good for our health? Some Russian doctors and The League of Nation’s Health Organization claim that cell phones affect negatively on our body and especially the electromagnetic fields are harmful.

These fields particularly have impact on the reproductive, endocrine and nervous system- claims Nikolai Kononov, the vice president of the League of Nation’s Health Organization. He also claims that electromagnetic radiation from our phones affects 70% of people but it is impossible to prevent their usage. But we should at least try to use them rationally.

The electromagnetic radiation from cell phones is particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women. In order to reduce the risk you can use hand free devices and to make shorter calls. But what is most important you should never keep your cell phones in your pockets. The best way is to put it in your purse and in this way you will be more protected from electromagnetic radiation.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences posted a video about the dangerous effects of cell phones and you should watch it in order to get more information.

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