Twin Flame Connection – Awakening with your twin flame 1111

Surely in a twin flame connection we may come up towards the dance, there is the connection and disconnection between the partners which can be very frustrating and it can’t be rushed. We have to deal with the endeavor. In a twin flame connection you may find that one party is keen and happy with the relationship and wants the relationship to move up to a higher level, while the other partner maybe be confused and does not know what is going on and usually doesn’t want to deal with a relationship.

This is because it causes deep and painful emotions to surface that they have been suppressing and most often they don’t want to deal with. Which case they want to escape the relationship.
There is absolutely no doubt that when you meet your twin flame, you are both pulled to a more spiritual path, you may wonder when you look back one day, how both of you were brought together.

It can take great amount of courage to change ones life, it also takes great deal of patience. If you are now in such a partnership, the twin flame connection can either be a gift or a curse.

There are many lessons when one connects with their twin flame, but there is one main reason which is to teach each other about accepting love without fear, and to heal each other of pain and loss and eventually to bring the souls back together again.

Twin Flame Connection and 1111

When your twin flame is manifesting themselves in your life you may see the numbers 1111. Twin flame is an esoteric concept, which describes a unique soul connection between 2 people. Twin flame is supposed to be the example of an eternal relationship between 2 lovers.

The thought process behind the twin flame vs soulmates, is that there is a new era in human evolution where relationships will be enhanced by spiritual growth amongst lovers. So our lovers are not just some one we love and try fit them into our lives instead they will be someone that makes us want to be a better person.

Based on the story of twin flames, in the beginning of time we were actually created from one source of energy which was split into smaller and smaller units until it was just two souls. And these souls would journey to places like earth to experience duality and would reincarnate over many lifetimes with the same intense yearning for each other.

Twin flames are of a much higher frequency than soulmates, they are the perfect example of the yin/yang. Even they are two individual souls, they do compliment each other very well, they understand and connect in a very unique way.

If you have ever had some one in your life and the connection was intense, then there is possible chance that this person is your twin flame. If we were to meet our twin flame in this life then there would be a great level of intimacy, comfort and understanding of each other and a great sense of peace, it would be like the feeling we have returned home.

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