The Most Powerful Type Of Empath: Heyoka

Empaths are individuals that can be hard to relate to, but have shared emotion responses with others. They read into body language and special inflections, gleaning more information than the average person would gloss over.

In the modern world, apathy and sympathy reign supreme, as the average person tries be selective in the information they focus on. We all have the biological hardware to feel what another person feels but we have to be open to the experience.

The acknowledgement of the feelings of others, requires a special sort of honesty with ourselves. Not everyone has a developed sense of empathy. Those that do, have a special place in society as empaths. The most valued type of empathic archetypes is known as Heyoka.

A Native American term, Heyoka's are living emotional mirrors for those around them. The term means 'sacred clown' or 'fool'. They reveal our shortcomings and weaknesses. They show us our faults and add a way to develop these faults.

This disruption to our spiritual status quo should never be seen as a bad thing. They only mean to help those around them. If you leave a Heyoka feeling irritated and angry over a negative aspect of their personality (say their arrogance), realize that you are getting upset over them highlighting that formation in you.

Maybe you leave a Heyoka filled with a sense of love. They may be trying to convey to you the importance of self-love and acceptance. This 'mirroring', isn't always a conscious decision, but it's still a consistent theme in your interactions with them. They are trying to teach you how to open your eyes in a way.

This constant, unpredictable behavior may get under your skin. They seem to know what's bothering you even when you don't know, much less want to address it. They can't leave you blind to your pain though, so they will clue you into it without fail.

Don't run from the experience or push them away. They only want to help and your pain genuinely hurts them as well. Pay attention to your reflection and learn from it. Your Heyoka friend bothers you because of their cruel expression of humor.

Instead of getting upset over it, pay attention to the way your own humor is expressed and how it affects others. You are likely doing the same thing the Heyoka is doing but in ignorance.

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