Stare Into Someone’s Eyes for Ten Minutes and Experience Psychedelic Effects

If you’ve ever taken psychedelics before, you know just how mind-bending they can be. My first foray into the world of psychedelics happened in the early years of college, and it changed how I see the world entirely.

While I don’t recommend anyone make a habit out of doing psychedelics regularly, I would suggest that everyone try them at least once in their lifetime. But, obviously not everyone has access to these compounds, they can be hard to find.

So, if you’re interested, there is another way to do it according to IFL Science. And all it takes is ten minutes of staring into another person’s eyes. Skeptical? I was too. Except many people are trying it and reporting LSD-like hallucinations.

University of Urbino researcher, Giovanni Caputo, conducted an experiment that put 20 people into pairs in a dimly lit room, and then had them stare directly into each other’s eyes for at least ten minutes. His results were reported in Psychiatry Research, and they included some pretty whacky findings.

Some people reported out-of-body experiences, others said they started seeing strange creatures and even dead people.

Participants of Caputo’s study were then asked a series of questions that ranked on a five-point scale. About 30 percent of participants said they saw different animals on the faces of the other person, 7 percent said they saw a person of a different race, and a whopping 75 percent said they saw monsters.

If you want to try this for yourself, grab a friend and set the mood. Make sure the light in your space is dim enough that you can’t really see color, but can make out the details of anything just a few feet around you. Then set a timer for 10 minutes, if you want, but be sure to stare into each other’s eyes for at least 30 seconds on your first go-around. The longer you can do so, the more likely you will begin to hallucinate.

Have fun!

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