How To Deal With Depression For Each Zodiac Sign

Depression is one of those things that is different for everyone, but those who have had it can understand what another person is feeling.

I've known many people in my lifetime who have suffered from depression, including myself for period of time, and it's something I'd never wish on my worst enemy.

Of course, completely ridding yourself of depression is easier said than done, but looking to your zodiac sign for a bit of insight as to how you might deal with depression could provide a new outlook on life or just a new way of thinking.

Understanding who you are, and living a life that strives to align with who you are, can have a positive impact on your overall well-being and mental health.

If you suffer from depression, it's best to seek out professional medical advice; you may have a chemical imbalance in your brain that's causing your depression.

As a general note: this article should not be used in place of any professional opinion or medical guidance.


Aries often become depressed when they are deprived of a connection with their inner flame.

This happens when they're taught to practice caution over listening to their natural instincts.

Ares thrive on their instincts, not caution.

The best thing Aries can do to combat depression is to seek out adventures and challenges. Fire signs are not taken by depression easily.


As a fixed, Earth sign, a Taurus will typically exhibit a need for steadiness in their life.

They're not too prone to fluctuating emotions, so their temperaments tend to be just as steady as they like the rest of their world to be. This keeps them just above the drain of depression.

If you do get depressed, Taurus, the best thing to do is treat your sensual side.

Eat good food, take a long shower--anything that stimulates your senses in a good way.


Gemini tend to be more bored than depressed.

The good thing is that Gemini are so interested in the world around them that depression is often forgotten in lieu of some new discovery.

Gemini have a hard time visiting the pains and scars residing within them. Because of this, these issues often hang over them, haunting them until they are addressed.

You're smart, Gemini, so you'll figure out what's wrong fairly fast. But, instead of running away, the best thing you can do is face your demons head on.


Cancer is one sign that is highly susceptible to depression because of how often they feel as if no one cares about them.

Cancer always turn to the people in their support system first when they're feeling down.

Unfortunately, this usually does more harm than good as it only enables the Cancer to keep feeling down when they really need to learn that they can handle life's hardships on their own.

The one thing you should avoid doing is hiding in your shell and waiting for something to fix itself.


As a fixed sign that is ruled by the Sun, Leos are usually happy, upbeat people that don't typically deal with depression.

But, even if they weren't happy, you'd never know it because they hide their pain just as well as anyone.

They're the type to act completely fine, leading both themselves and others to believe everything is okay.

Leos usually become depressed when they are silently suffering all by themselves and feel as if no one respects them.


Virgo are almost always too busy to feel the effects of depression.

Not to mention, they see depression as something that happens to people who become stagnant, meaning the only cure is to get back on the work train and be productive.

For them, they see depression as a choice, not something that magically happens to people.


Libra rarely become depressed due to the fact that their feelings do not run as deeply as the other signs of the zodiac. Instead of living in emotion, they choose to live in their thoughts.

The best way for a Libra to shake off a depression is by socializing over current affairs with friends or loved ones.

Also, choose to build your sense of self up instead of expecting some partnership to do it for you.


Scorpios, you guys know how intensely you feel everything, so it's no surprise that you tend to get depressed the easiest of the zodiac signs.

Also, it's well known that you tend to invest largely in your relationships, meaning when they're not in working order, neither are you.

As a water sign, it is your job to learn how to control your emotions, Scorpio.

Once you've gained control, it's up to you whether or not you want to continue this depression. Willpower is the answer here, not sex.


Sagittarians are recognized as the cheerful ones of the zodiac.

You guys are easily excitable and love being the person who lifts people from a bad mood, just as you do for yourself.

An important thing for Sagittarians to avoid is pessimists, as they are optimists.

You are capable of getting depressed just as others do, but the nature of your sign has you skipping out of it as soon as possible.


Capricorn, you tend to be the most depressed of the zodiac signs.

You are highly influenced by Saturn the Goat, who has you hovering just above rumination.

You tend to be the kings of closed-mindedness; your depression most often stems from needing some sort of guarantee before feeling safe enough to make big changes in your world.

The unfortunate truth is that there are no guarantees in life.

You'll have to trust yourself, as well as others; know that the only way out is by letting go and believing in the world around you.


Aquarians rarely become too depressed in life.

They're an air sign that has a natural upbeat outlook on the world. Aquarians tend to be incredibly strong mentally.

Pair this with their interest in anything and everyone, and they rarely have time for feeling blue.

Depression affects the Aquarius when they feel misunderstood, which happens a lot because they're usually the only one on their level.


Pisces is one sign that chooses to suffer in silence, similar to the Leo, but even more so.

They hate making a big deal out of their suffering because they don't want others to feel bad.

Pisces have a strange inclination towards martyrdom and self sacrifice, which is usually what their depression is rooted in.

In order for Pisces to fully avoid depression, they must keep from trying to make everyone happy all the time. Stay away from self-sacrifice; do right by yourself first.

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