This 16 Year Old Hero Just Shut Down Every Cannabis Debate Ever

Marijuana has become a hotbed of political discourse since Colorado and Washington legalized personal possession of the substance back in 2012.

As evidence has continued to mount that marijuana is chock-full of medicinal value, more and more of the United States population has become pro-marijuana.

But there are still lobbyists and political figures fighting against its legalization; something that has outraged medical marijuana patients, like 16-year-old Coltyn Turner, who use the substance to treat chronic conditions on a daily basis.

Kevin Sabet, founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, is one of those people adamantly fighting against the legalization of marijuana.

Sabet's drive to spread anti-marijuana propaganda is a passionate one, as he spends much of his time traveling around the nation to "inform" people on the dangers of the plant.

This past September, Sabet told the people of Boston that cannabis is nearly indistinguishable from candy. On the set of the television show, he pulled out two bags of candy and asked the audience to try to figure out which bag of candies was infused with THC, the active compound in cannabis.

Once the debate had concluded, Sabet allegedly lost the bag of THC candies he had brought on set. After pulling them out, he set them down somewhere on set and forgot about them. After returning to take them, they were gone, and witnesses were claiming that they'd been stolen.

Sabet, the proud anti-marijuana crusader who preaches safety and caution when handling cannabis (especially around children), has come under fire for his negligence on set.

Including from 16-year-old Coltyn Turner, a medical marijuana patient that safely uses medical marijuana every day of his life.

Coltyn brought it upon himself to make a video addressing Sabet's ridiculous claims, saying:

"I am a legal cannabis patient living in Colorado. I take high amounts of cannabis oil in a very concentrated form every single day. I saw you were in Arkansas.

You called patients like me a "prop" for "big marijuana". Well here I am. I am NOT a prop. I am a patient. I have Crohn's Disease, rhumetoid arthritis, and lupus. I am Illegally Healed, and cannabis is my medicine."

Not only does Coltyn shut down the anti-marijuana argument, but he shows how simple it is to be responsible with cannabis medicine.

He takes his pill, and then safely stows his remaining medicine in a cabinet that would be hard to reach for a child.

Pretty mind-blowing stuff, eh Mr. Sabet? Watch the video of Sabet and his candy, as well as Coltyn's rebuttal, and let us know how you feel on the subject!

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